The Fiji Craft Society (FCS) was established in year 2010 with a purpose to develop and strengthen cooperation among (men and women) craft practitioners all over Fiji in the craft sector and to preserve traditional handicrafts and develop contemporary crafts skills under the following objectives:

  1. To provide support and professional development to craftspeople to attain high levels of proficiency in their craft.
  2. To raise awareness and understanding of craftspeople as the custodians of traditional knowledge.
  3. To work in collaboration with Fiji Arts Council and other arts and Heritage organizations in the interests of craftspeople.
  4. To provide services and opportunities to craftspeople, particularly FCS Members, to increase their earning capability and participation in National events and Regional and International Exhibitions

Members of Fiji Craft Society

The Fiji Craft Society has now recorded approximately 599 members but this number will increase as we are in the process of putting the data base in place

Membership is open to all craftspeople who are residents of Fiji and who accept the purpose and objectives of the Fiji Craft Society.

The annual membership fee is $10 per artist and $20.00 for clubs for small groups of more than 10 members. Registration fees will enable artists to participate in any events organized by the Fiji Arts Council and also for Data Bases information.

The Fiji Craft Society consists of men, women and youths whether they are Itaukei or from different ethnic groups residing in Fiji. Craft Practitioners are renowned   on the outstanding work that they portray in the various craft work, whether its traditional or contemporary that they specialize in and showcases their great talents and creativity in weaving, masi designing, pottery making, woodcarving, jewelry making and textiles designing’s and sewing

The artistic skills of practitioners  who use their hands to create items of beauty – masi, mats, wood carvings, pottery, paintings, to name a few, all of which are genuine expressions of Fijian culture and achievement.

Some of them are highly regarded professional and Senior Crafts Practitioners with many years of experiences in their own specialties. They are long serving members of the Fiji Craft Society (FCS) and have been presented with numerous Awards by the Fiji Arts Council for outstanding contributions towards the development of Traditional and Contemporary Art in Fiji and fully committed to the idea that art and craft is our Cultural Resources and of the highest value

They have also been instrumental in assisting the Fiji Arts Council in conducting Handicraft up skilling workshops at Village Community level around Fiji and Caramaka Traditional Craft Workshop for PEMAC Teachers in the Ministry of Education.



Contemporary Artists 229
Women’s Group 55
Masi Makers 32
Wood Carvers 46
Potters 29
Weavers 208
  • Crafters