Fijian Crafted Licenses

Began in June 2013 – We have 302 License Holders as of to date , the latest issue were  handed out in the  2017 National Craft Exhibition in Suva by the Attorney-General and Minister for Economy, Public Enterprises, Civil Services and Communications, Hon. Aiyaz Sayed –  Khaiyum

Nominees have been awarded their Fijian Crafted Licenses by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and comply with the rules and conditions for the use of Fijian Crafted Emblems, as detailed in Industry Emblem Regulations 2011.

  • The certification allows a member of the Fiji Craft Society to promote authentic Fijian Made Products and giving them an opportunity to empower craft practitioners showcase their skills at the International markets
  • Fijian Crafted is a brand that identifies and benchmarks Fijian quality, standards and promotes skilled craftsmanship
  •  Fijian Crafted logo provides the platform for our crafters to be mainstreamed into, and share in Fiji’s economic growth.
  • The logo differentiates our authentic Fijian crafts, made by Fijian crafters with Fijian materials and contemporary pieces from handicraft made in other countries.

In summary we can truly say that the Fijian Crafted Brand is now acting as an authentic label which signifies the “real thing”,  signifies  authenticity , that people can buy and value which is part of our cultures and traditions and hoping to be sustained and consistent to create a very resilient economy from within

 Positive Impacts for Fijian Crafted Brands

Craft Practitioners themselves have stated their greatest appreciations on the Governments initiatives which has made

  • Great promotions to large retailers such as Tapoos, Motibhais, Prouds, Jacks Handicrafts
  • Fiji Embassies have ordered Fijian Artifacts to be showcase in their overseas Missions
  • The Fijian Crafted Logo has empowered them especially the grassroots, in providing them with an avenue for income generation compared to the past years as they struggled to look for steady markets and the competitions faced with foreign products imported into the country.
  • It has made a huge difference by making them more recognized as makers of local products using our own sourced materials that Fiji is renowned of.
  • Tourist Markets and Public at large have now perceived the significance of choosing only genuine Fijian made artifacts, whether for their home decoration, gifting someone or taken abroad as souvenirs
  • has brought about high hopes for their everyday lives,
  • their sales have been much better with the launch of the Fijian Made and Buy Fijian Campaign
  • That more tourists are now attracted to their home made products.


“Fijian crafted” – All handicraft which use as its major components locally sourced materials that are weaved, crafted, and stringed to depict authentic Fijian Crafted. Products categorized in two groups namely traditional and contemporary products

Traditional Crafts is to be 100% locally sourced material and contemporary products that have some percentage sourced from imported materials.

  • Handicrafts that are hand/ home crafted, one- of -a -kind  item made by one craft practitioner or artist, stitcher, weaver, a potter, woodcarver, masi maker, a small group of persons, sewing group, etc
  • Crafts that are not mass produced
  • Crafts that represents a particular culture or a province
  • Crafts that are made in Fiji representing one of the 15 Provinces of Fiji
  • Resemblances one of our Fijian Cultures and Traditions
  • Quality of Craftsmanship: refers to the standard of technical skill and attention to make an item –   fineness of weaving, quality of raw materials, sewing skills, tension of stitches, joining, polishing, engraving, inlaying, stenciling, moulding, finishing of edges
  • Creativity of Patterns – refers to the use of own creative patterns in weaving, pottery, jewelry, patchwork, masi, carving, crochet, woodcarving, integrating of foreign and local natural materials producing own creativity
  • Designs – refers to the overall appearance of a product including shapes and form, contracting, pleasant colours and qualities , scale and proportions, the way it’s put together
  • Practical Use- refers to the durability of a product , how well it is made , particularly in relation to its purpose,-basket and fan handles, basket is strong to hold weight, pottery is free from cracks, jewelry is strong,

The above criteria’s are to be in place so that any Licensed Crafts practitioner is vigilant enough to respect and recognize the significance of the authentic branding at all times.